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iCharger 1010B


CODE: 1010B
NAME: Multifunction battery balance Charger

Sale price: € 149.00

1010B is a Synchronous Balance charger/discharger for NIMH/NICD, LITHIUM, LIPO, LIFE and Lead Acid (Pb) battery packs.

Synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter technology---an advanced charging technology, we are the first manufacturer to use the technology to design balance charger--- assure up to 95% power transfer efficiency. Not only save the power but also make the charger size very smart143*97*26(mm), smaller body (400g) make the charger easy to use and convenient to take.


* High power capacity, heavy current, high-performance circuit power conversion.

When charging or discharging, iCharger 1010B has the maximum charge efficiency of 200W, maximum input power capacity of 10A, maximum discharge efficiency of 30W, maximum output power capacity of 7A.

* Two Input Power Choices

DC jack with the reset table fuse (Max input current 7A.) and BWAC (25A). you can set the output power capacity changeable with the input power capacity, thus prevent input current from over-loading efficiently.

* Multifunction Charger

iCharger series can accept three types of Lithium batteries -LiPo?Lilo?LiFe and built-in Lithium battery balancing function .

Charge 1-10s Lipo/Lilo/ LiFe,1-25S NiMh/NiCd,1-18(2-36V)lead acid (Pb)

* Automatic Cooling FAN

The automatic cooling FAN can control the internal temperature with the temperature sensor, thus to switch on/off.

* Internal Temperature Protection.

When the internal temperature is over 60?(140?), the output capacity will reduced by 1/4 automatically, and stop if over at 65?(149?).

* Convenient Storage and Loading Program

iCharger has a storage and loading program for your convenience. This feature can store up to 10 battery data by number

* Backlight LCD Screen

2 x16 English-dot LCD screen with Backlit. LCD screen offers abundant information, such as Ampere, voltage, capacity, time and temperature etc.

* Various Charging/Discharging Settings

Various charging/discharging settings to meet the needs of different customers. For Lithium battery: balance charging, normal charging, fast charging, storage, discharging, cycling charging/discharging and monitoring. For NiCd/NiMH battery: charging-auto, charging-man, discharging and cycling charging/discharging. Pb battery: charging and discharging.

* Unique Lithium battery Monitor program

When you use other equipment to charge or discharge Lithium pack, you can use iCharger to monitor the cell voltage, battery temperature, time and so on, if the individual battery appears over-charged, over-discharged, over-hot, over-capacity or over-time ,the iCharger will alarm with noise “Di…..” and the related information blinks.

* Break-in Motor

Electric motor test pattern can wear other electric motors, test the electric tolerance and etc.

Main Specifications:

1. Input Voltage: DC 10-18V @ up to 25A

2. Charge Power: 200W MAX

3. Output Voltage: 42.0(42.5V MAX)

4. Charge Current: 0.05-10A, MAX

5. Discharge Power: 30W MAX

6. Discharge Current: 0.05-7.0A

7. Balancing Current: 300mA

8. Cycle Times: 1-10

9. Battery Memories: 1-10 models

Mechanical Characteristics:

1. Dimension: 143*97*26(mm, L*W*H)

2. Case Material: Al alloy

3. Input Lead: silicon wire 600mm long, ending with 4mm banana gold plug, Special alligator clips for Lead Acid battery.

4. Output Lead: 4mm banana gold plug, silicon wire 300mm long ending in alligator clips (standard) or JST/TAMIYA/DEANS (optional) connector

5. Balance Port: 11PIN, Connector Conversion Board CB1010-A, and conversion wire

6. Weight: 400g (without cables)

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